NASA Mistakenly Confirms Nibiru at NEOWISE Conference [Sept 29]

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4:12 The guy asks about Planet X – Look at their reactions and glance exchanges.

They haven't said: Planet X doesn't exists, they've said 'Planet X isn't coming to get us' & 'we think this is just a sort of … if there's something out there, could be a large body in a roughly circular orbit." Wait, WHAT???

Without the mumbling she basically says: 'Planet X is a sort of a large body in a roughly circular orbit'. Thank you NASA!

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Sept. 29, 2011. NASA makes a conference for updating information about the database of near-Earth asteroids in our solar system, tracked by Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) telescope. Someone in a phone call asks about Planet X aka NIBIRU and the answers provided by NASA, took the acronym "Never A Straight Answer" to a whole new level.…