Nibiru Parts Falling On US West: Entire California City of 200,000 Gone. NASA & Military Cover Up

There is a fire apocalypse in Northern California – no question about it. It started in Oregon and then speared to California. Worst in both states history. Just as we predicted and told you this summer. You asked us for doomsday date this year and we told you it's not September 23 but October 12. What happened October 12? Santa Rosa city of 200,000 gone in the sea of flames along with scores of people and animals and California vineries. Next several hot ash rained in San Francisco form the sky, schools and business closed and nearly everyone was wearing respirators and masks. Just like zombie apocalypse. Hot ash particles started fires as far as south as Santa Cruz mountains. Just like our chronophere showed us the future for that date October 12. Just as we told in months advance at the link above. All firefighters agree that over 1,000 unusually strong fires in both states could not have just stared themselves – something big never before seen caused them to burn like never before in recorded history. Out theory this happened because of earth magma shift and magma raised closed enough to the surface to overheat it and started hundreds of fires. We showed you video evidence filmed by firefighters in Oregon near three Sisters Volcano and in California near Mountain Shasta Super volcano. And we still think so. Yet, there are two alternative theories and one of them has a very strong video evidence. Pieces of cosmic body either planet Nibiru or large asteroid are raining down on the American west. Those videos combined with millions in American west hearing sonic booms are irrefutable proof that space debris were falling from the sky to United States, Mexico Canada and as far as next to Alaska to Russia. Also on that date October 12 NASA spotted large asteroid called 2012 TC4 passing closer to earth than distance between New York and Tokyo. It was the closest recorded encounter with the body that big. Those falling flaming space derbies could have contributed to thousands of fires in America. As the video progressed you shall see Mexican authorities showing an irrefutable proof of several large space rocks hitting Western Mexico and falling as far as Russia near Alaska with the first snow. And the second theory is even more fascinating and strange and also has to do with outer space but it will revealed next week – what we have learned from our source in military intelligence.